3 Exercises to Do When You are in Pain


Exercise is the last thing to do when you are in pain. But believe it or not, we have some exercises for you which cures the pain you are suffering from. Exercises use different muscles of the body and keep them active, this is why people who do exercise for some time daily or regularly tend to be more healthy, active and flexible than the people who do not exercise.

If you are experiencing pain in some part of the body, than physicians recommend that you should continue the exercise which you can continue, by changing the motions or pressure of the workout.

But in other cases, physicians recommends to stop and discontinue the exercise which a person is undergoing through, but only for a short time. It is recommended to consult with your physician before doing anything.

Exercise # 1: Swimming


If you are experiencing pain in joints of your body, then exercising and diving in the water might be a very good thing. The jauntiness of the water takes the weight off from the joints. Swimming is also very good for upper body because it engages the muscles like elbows and keeps them flexible. There are different types of exercising which a person can indulge in under water like simple aerobics, water gymnastic and lap-lengths etc.

There are also studies which have proven that exercising in the water reduces different pains and inflammations.

Exercise # 2: Biking


People says that there is no difference whether you do the biking in nature or on a stationary machine. But there is a world of difference.

Biking in the nature is more fruitful than simply biking in a closed room. Nature and biking combined provides many benefits, and it also makes a person feels good. It also helps the person in losing weight and above all it helps you reduce the pain.

Exercise # 3: Jogging and/or Running

If you having pain in knee, foot or leg, then running or jogging can be hard for you. In this case, you can choose walking. Walking a long distance provides many cardiovascular benefits and it allows almost all the muscles in the body to be active and engaged.


On the other hand, if you can jog or run than you should because it also have many benefits and it reduces the pain you are suffering from. Basic reason for this is that It increases the blood flow in our body which adds many more benefits which are simply out of scope of this article.


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